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The team at VisionSynergy regularly interacts with our ministry partners and other ministry leaders around the world through many online channels and platforms. We publish content and connect with others through public networks and platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. We also interact through a variety of private community platforms – especially for groups operating in security-sensitive ministry areas.

In our role as an advisor to ministry networks, we are often asked to recommend solutions for online communication and collaboration, so we are constantly evaluating new technologies. One of the exciting aspects of ministry in the “Internet-age” is to see how many of the groups we work with have produced a wide variety of innovative sites for online evangelism, social media outreach, mobile ministry, prayer mobilization, and more. We are endlessly inspired and energized by their collective work.

Social Sites

The following are some of the sites we ourselves host in addition to social networks and social media platforms where we are actively engaged.

Synergy Commons

The Synergy Commons is a learning community, training center, and resource library curated by VisionSynergy. Our resources are free and include books, courses, articles, guides, and other publications. Members can interact with other practitioners, utilize resources, and receive training on partnership and collaboration. We launched it but work with collaborative leaders from across the world to power it with their insights!

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As pioneers in the area of partnerships in mission, we publish key insights on collaboration through our blog and newsletter. Network leaders from around the world have subscribed to our newsletters and content updates.

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Our YouTube channel is where we collect and curate “stories from the field” covering the ins and outs of partnerships – as told from the personal experience of mission practitioners from around the world. Our channel currently offers dozens of video stories from experienced ministry leaders in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North & South America.

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Twitter keeps us connected to the pulse of what so many others in mission are thinking and doing right now. A number of our team are active on Twitter, following and contributing to various conversations.

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Visit our Slideshare channel to check out dozens of presentations from our keynotes, workshops, seminars, or other speaking engagements. We have spoken to thousands of mission leaders in dozens of cities around the world.

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