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What is your collaboration quotient?

  • By Vision Synergy


Networks and partnerships are the future of world mission.

Nothing significant will happen among the unreached without greater collaboration among Christian leaders, churches, and mission organizations.

I recently learned about an unusual mathematician who can teach us a lot about the value of collaboration.

His name is Paul Erdős (1913-1996).

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Welcome to Paula Rowland, our newest board member!

  • By Vision Synergy

We are excited to announce that Paula Rowland, Ph.D., has joined the visionSynergy Board of Directors!

Paula Rowland, Ph.D.

Paula Rowland is married to John, an otolaryngologist in Seattle. Together they have three young adult children.

A long-time friend to visionSynergy, Paula has helped us with several projects and assisted founder Phill Butler with research for his book on Kingdom partnerships, Well Connected.

Paula brings to our board a diverse blend of skills, multicultural competence, practical field experience, and world-class skill as a program evaluation consultant. We appreciate Paula’s deep compassion and tireless efforts to meet the needs of the poor and marginalized. From working alongside her missionary parents in Mexico city to living and serving on Mercy Ships with her family, Paula has lived her life in service to others in need.

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Mission Networks: Connecting the Global Church

  • By Vision Synergy
Kärin Primuth

Kärin Primuth, visionSynergy President & CEO

Our friends from Issachar Initiative recently invited visionSynergy CEO, Kärin Primuth, to explore mission networks on their blog. In her post, Kärin outlines the who, what, and why of mission networks as she describes the power of collaboration to accomplish more in the mission field than any one person or agency could accomplish alone.

Be sure to check out the resources Kärin mentions to discover the networks you can work with right now!

“Do you have a vision to reach an unreached people group or a particular part of the world? If it is a God-sized vision, then it is a vision far too big for just one church or ministry to accomplish alone. It will take working together with others in the Body of Christ for real spiritual breakthroughs to occur.

“In today’s increasingly interconnected world, mission networks are providing vital connecting points for like-minded leaders to find others who share a similar vision to collectively achieve the mission God has put on their hearts.”

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For more about mission networks with some questions for reflection, see Kärin’s Slideshare presentation from the MissioNexus Mission Leaders Forum in Dallas, Texas: “Stand Together in High Impact Networks.”

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