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2014 August



An unlikely visitor

  • By Vision Synergy

An Unlikely Visitor

Here’s a true story we heard recently from one of the networks we serve. May this story encourage those who long for the Gospel to make inroads in the often-difficult countries of the Arabian Peninsula.


In challenging mission locations such as the Arabian Peninsula, regional evangelism networks often play an important role in supporting the valiant efforts of individuals in direct ministry – not only through personal encouragement, but also by spreading word of their initiatives in order to draw funds, mobilize volunteers, and create local contacts.

One country in the Arabian Peninsula has only a single, openly Christian bookstore. Recently the owner of that bookstore got a call from a nameless woman who said she absolutely must have a set of Christian Bibles and resources. The owner invited her to come to the store, adding “I’m open now!”

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Collaboration for the Common Good

  • By Vision Synergy

Collaboration for the common good

I was recently on an early morning trip to the airport for a flight overseas. In my city, the road to the airport crosses a bridge over a large lake. After crossing the bridge, I heard an ambulance siren coming up behind the rear of my car. Along with other drivers I pulled over and said a prayer for whoever was inside the ambulance.

Moments later I began thinking: Nobody really likes paying taxes, but we surely value – and rely on – many of the services that our taxes provide. Whoever picked up the phone early that morning and called emergency services for an ambulance could never have expected a quick response if thousands of other people had not paid the taxes that created the infrastructure to allow that ambulance to arrive.

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Well Connected book now available in French

  • By Vision Synergy

Well Connected - French edition, by Phill ButlerSince its English language release in 2005, Phill Butler’s book – Well Connected – has become the definitive guide to building effective missional partnerships.

Thousands of ministry leaders around the world have purchased print copies or downloaded the free e-book.

Now, in partnership with La Faculté de Théologie Evangélique de l’Alliance Chrétienne (FATEAC) in Côte d’Ivoire, Phill Butler and visionSynergy are pleased to release the French edition of Well Connected.

Four editions of the book are now available: French, Russian, Spanish, and English. Arabic and Indonesian translations are under way.

Download a free PDF copy of the book in any of these languages: French, Russian, Spanish, or English.