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Bridging the Divide

  • By Vision Synergy

This past week, visionSynergy participated in the Missio Nexus 2012 North American Mission Leaders Conference where one of the major workshops was focused on the theme of contextualization in Muslim ministries. The workshop was presented by members of the Bridging the Divide consultation, which visionSynergy senior advisor, Dave Hackett, has helped facilitate for the past two years.

Over these two years, the Bridging the Divide consultation has brought together numerous professors, translators, missiologists, funders, and leaders of evangelism and church planting ministries among Muslims, including a number of believers from Muslim backgrounds.

The purpose of the consultation was to address highly-charged controversies around contextualization in Muslim outreach, and in particular what is known as the “Insider Movement.” Read more…



The Iron Chefs of Partnership

  • By Vision Synergy


Do you know the “Iron Chef” TV show?

This was a show that originally launched in Japan in the early 90’s and then had spin-offs in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Israel. In the show, there are master chefs in an outlandish “kitchen stadium” who compete to quickly create entire multi-course meals around a single theme ingredient, which is revealed to the chefs at the opening of the show. They make some pretty crazy dishes.

I want to use this illustration to explain one of the distinctives about the model of collaborative partnership we encourage in our training.

Read more…



A Lifelong Journey

  • By Vision Synergy

Phill Butler, visionSynergy founder, was recently asked by the Christian Leadership Alliance to write up a brief personal reflection on the past three decades of his work in building Kingdom partnerships for global mission. The Alliance published Phill’s reflection under the title, A Lifelong Journey, for the summer 2012 edition of their national magazine – Outcomes.

This edition of the magazine was focused on the theme of partnership and includes a number of excellent articles on partnerships in ministry and mission.

Among these were:

Tackling the Summit of Partnerships
by Scott Todd

One in Christ
by John G. Fix

Empowering Collaboration
by Joseph Vijayam

Seven Principles for Successful Collaboration
by Doug Wicks

Down with Teamwork!
by Doug Mazza

The Critical Shift
by James Lewis

… and more.




Well Connected book now available in Russian

  • By Vision Synergy

Since its English language release in 2005, Phill Butler’s book – Well Connected – has become the definitive guide to building effective missional partnerships. Thousands of ministry leaders around the world have purchased print copies or downloaded the free e-book.

In partnership with the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, Phill Butler and visionSynergy are now pleased to release the Russian edition of Well Connected.

Three editions of the book are now available: English, Spanish, and Russian. Additional translations into Arabic and French are under way.

Click here to download a free PDF copy of the book – in English, Spanish, or Russian.




The Partnership Field Guide @ Lausanne Cape Town 2010

  • By Vision Synergy

As a resource for the recent Lausanne Cape Town 2010 gathering, visionSynergy published the Partnership Field Guide – a 60-page handbook outlining the step-by-step process for building effective ministry partnerships. Developed out of nearly 30 years of field experience, the Guide covers the 15 key principles and the 3 main stages in the process of working with others toward a common vision. The Guide was distributed to all 4,000 participants at the Cape Town 2010 gathering.

Click here to download a PDF copy for yourself.



The Power of Partnership @ Lausanne Cape Town 2010

  • By Vision Synergy

The Power of Partnership is a short video from visionSynergy that was first shown during the plenary sessions of the Lausanne Cape Town 2010 gathering. This video highlights three examples from recent history that demonstrate how ministries working together were able to see significant advances in national, regional, and international outreach for the Gospel. Members of the visionSynergy team were involved as advisors in all three partnerships – from Mongolia, to North Africa, to global sports outreach.

For more videos from visionSynergy, visit our YouTube Channel.