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Learning to Change the World

  • By Vision Synergy

Over the past several years, we’ve collaborated with Bakke Graduate University to develop a graduate-level course preparing leaders for ministry collaboration. Very few Christian higher education institutions anywhere give students tools to build collaborative partnerships; BGU has made this course a signature offering in their core curriculum. (Last year, this course was one of the most highly-attended summer courses ever offered by BGU!)

Since we first developed this course and released it online for free, at least sixteen educational institutions around the world have implemented or adapted it for their students, and there is ongoing interest as dozens more have downloaded the curriculum for further consideration.

What’s unique about this curriculum is that it provides not only a theological but a practical foundation for ministry collaboration and Kingdom partnership. Students taking this course learn real-world collaboration principles that change lives and ministries. For example, a recent doctoral-level graduate credited skills learned in this course for helping start widespread reform in the Caribbean educational system she oversees.

To learn more about this curriculum and its flexible course design please visit If you would like to explore how this course could fit within your own educational program, you are free to download and adapt the materials along with the extensive faculty guide.

Bakke Graduate UniversityPS: If you want to enroll in the online course offered by Bakke Graduate University, there’s still time! Enrollment is currently open, and the course runs from July 7, 2014, through September 7, 2014. BGU is offering several flexible enrollment options for the course:

  • Non-credit: Students may take the course without credit under the Educational Experience option.
  • Audit: Students enrolled elsewhere may take the course for credit as part of another degree program.
  • Alumni: BGU alumni may take the course as an Educational Experience non-credit option with a 50% price discount.
  • Alumni partner: BGU alumni may invite 2 colleagues to join them in the course free of charge.


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